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About us

Customers keep asking us where the name GASTROBACK® comes from. The explanation is simple: the name stands for our claim to make professional technology from the catering sector usable for use in the kitchen. GASTROBACK® is a modern premium brand that focuses on design, high-quality materials, professional functionality, quality and safety. For us, this is not a dream goal, but a lived reality – day by day, product by product.

With our products, we bring innovations into your kitchen that are otherwise only available to gastronomy professionals. Because what makes the kitchen professional's work easier and allows him to achieve top results, of course, also helps in the kitchen at home. As a premium brand, we aim to set trends. That drives us! In the "Healthy Nutrition" segment, Gastroback, with its smoothie makers and juicers, is already the measure of all things for the entire product field. A few years ago, for example, the fact that whole apples fit into the feed chute was a novelty for juicers, which GASTROBACK® buyers were the first to enjoy.

GASTROBACK® is also pioneering when it comes to innovation in the coffee sector. We launched the first portafilter with the convenience of a fully automatic coffee machine. This means that not only the home barista, but every member of the household can obtain a perfect espresso specialty according to their own taste.