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GASTROBACK® Oven - 42816 - Design Aif-Fry Oven Pizza Professional
Design Air-Fry Oven Pizza Professional Item number: 42816
Bake pizza like a pro 400°C high temperature air-fry combi oven 15 programmes for hot-air frying, cooking, baking, drying, defrosting, toasting and gratinating, etc 4 special pizza programms (Frozen, Crust, Fresh, Wood fired) 18 litre...
€299.99 *
Gastroback - Advanced Produkt
with Video
GASTROBACK® Mini Ofen - 42815 - Design Ofen Air Fry & Pizza
Design Oven Air Fry & Pizza Item number: 42815
5 in 1: Pizza oven, Hot air fryer, mini oven, rotating grill spit and dehydrator High performance air fry function - many preparation options in record time Multifunction oven with 22 L capacity and 3 shelves 7 functions: Defrost, Air...
€249.99 *
Gastroback - Advanced Produkt
with Video
Design Bistro Oven Bake & Grill
Design Bistro Oven Bake & Grill Item number: 42814
Just Bake & Grill 9 programs + custom program 26 litre capacity 5 functions: top heat, bottom heat, top and bottom heat, convection, roasting spit Illuminated sensor-touch display
€199.99 *
Gastroback - Advanced Produkt